On-Campus Accommodation

    Click here to book the on-campus accommodation.

  • Limited number of on-campus accommodations are available in Institue Vistors' Hostel (VH), Boys' Hostels, and Girls' Hostel.
  • On-campus accommodations will be available on Single/Double-Sharing, chargeable, and first-come-first-served basis.
  • The charges of accommodation are not included in the registration fee.
  • To book the on-campus accommodation, please fill the accommodation request form given in the above link.
  • ccommodation can be also provided on visitors’ arrival subject to availability.
  • Booking of accommodation for attendees/visitors should be made at least one month before the conference dates.

On-Campus Accommodation Charges

Type of Accommodation Accommodation Charges
Institue Vistors' Hostel (VH)
(Single Occupancy)
INR 1200/- per day
Institue Vistors' Hostel (VH)
(Double-Sharing Basis)
INR 750/- per person/per day
Boys' Hostels
(Double/Triple Sharing Basis)
INR 200/- per person/per day
Girls' Hostel INR 200/- per person/per day